Potten EndChurch of England Primary School

Rooted in faith, we nurture, grow and flourish

Parable of the Mustard Seed Mark 4:30-32

Spiritual Leaders

Each class from Year 2 to Year 6 has two spiritual leaders. The children who would like to be the spiritual leader write about why they would like this position and share this with the class. The children vote for who they think will do the job best. We said that we wanted to make collective worship fun, to make people think and make a difference to the community. We have wanted to do this for a while.


This term we led a collective worship about what is bravery. We read a parable from the Bible about people’s talents. We wanted to make people know that their talents are special and that no one else has a talent exactly like theirs. It’s hard sometimes to show your talents because you don’t know how people will react. We thought about being generous and this sometimes means we have to be brave to step outside our comfort zone.


Next we would like to think of something for collective worship where we do something every day during Advent that links to the Christmas story. The value we are thinking about is compassion and we would like to reflect on acts of compassion in the Christmas story and in our school. We will plan this with the other spiritual leaders and work together to make a difference.


It’s a job that everybody knows what you are trying to do and people look up to you. The job goes beyond the badge and means you need to be a role model. You want people to listen to you and that means you have to do the right things. It is fun!



Last year our Spiritual Leaders created our school prayer:


God our Father, 

We come to say thank you for your love today.
Thank you for the school that you have given us, that helps us to grow and flourish.
Thank you for fun and friendship. Thank you for our community and for all the people who nurture and teach us.

Please help us to make our school a place of laughter and friendship.
A place where we treat each other with kindness and respect and everyone is included.
Help us when times get tough and show us how to care for others when they are hurt.
Help us to make positive choices, so that every day we can do as much good as possible in the school that we love.

We thank you for your love and your promise to be with us.