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This year, we are beginning to transition back to using the pre-Covid long term planning for maths. We are still tracking back and will continue to use Back on Track for the Autumn Term. 

National Curriculum- Year Group Learner Progression


'TT Rock Stars’ and 'NumBots' are fun and challenging platforms designed to help children master key number facts and times tables. All children from EYFS to Year 6, have individual login details. Children can play at home, as well as school.

Please see your child's teacher if you need these details to be re-issued. 


To play, visit:

Numbots- EYFS-Y2

TT Rock Stars- Y2-Y6

Please encourage your child to login regularly, as this will help them continue to improve their maths fluency, whilst having lots of fun!

Maths Week England 2022


This year we took part in Maths Week England between the 14th-16th November 2022. Year 2-6 competed on TTRock Stars with other schools across England, within our classes and our school. We competed with over 28, 000 classes and as a school, we scored 36, 001 correct answers over a three days- A huge well done to all who took part. Year 4 topped the charts, closely followed by Year 6! Well done to everyone!  

Maths in the real world inspired by famous mathematicians.

Year 5 maths challenge heat 5, on Tuesday 1st March 2022

As part of our commitment to make maths exciting and high profile in our school, our Year 5 children compete each year with over 200 schools in the Year 5 Maths challenge. It requires a team of 4 pupils to work together, challenging the group to communicate, negotiate and reason to reach a collective decision. Time limits for questions serve as an extra challenge. Last year's Year 5's competed with courage and resilience and achieved highly in both the memory round and the general maths and estimation rounds! 

A huge well done to our 8 participants for 2022.  

We look forward to recruiting our current Year 5's in teams of 4's for the 2023 challenge!  

NSPCC Number Day 

 We were very excited to take part in NSPCC Number Day on Friday 4th February 2022, where we took part in maths activities throughout the day. We raised funds for the NSPCC by holding a Maths themed House Day in which children competed in their teams across the school to earn House Points for their team.


Children dressed in their House Colours and completed number problems in order to earn House Points for their teams. EYFS tackled maths problems hidden around their classroom and had to be the quickest team to hunt down the 9 coloured 'blobs' for their team! A huge well done to our EYFS Frithsden team who came first and banked 400 house points by 9.30am!  

Next came Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 who had to race to the finish line with the support of their Year 6 House Captains. The remainder of KS2 had a challenge on their hands, which saw them answer tricky number problems including having to follow compass directions which led them to hidden objects within their classrooms! 


A great day was had by all. A huge thank you as always to everyone who took part and to those who donated money to the NSPCC. Thank you to our Year 6 House Captains who led their teams brilliantly. 


Final House Point totals from the day: 


Nettledon: 2060

Frithsden: 1760

Ashridge: 1450

Gaddesden: 1050


Maths at Potten End

Maths Open Mornings

Prior to school closures, we opened our classrooms for maths open mornings. We saw parents, children and teachers working together across different areas of the maths curriculum. They worked on practical aspects of maths and brought challenges to life! We loved working collaboratively to solve problems and stretch our thinking. 
Our Early Years children invited their parents in for cooking sessions and used fruit pieces to make repeated patterns with their families and our Year 5's used chocolate bars to convert mixed numbers and improper fractions. Year 3 were very busy marking the area and perimeter of the tables and even created their own 3D shapes using nets.  

Keep your eyes peeled for the next open morning maths sessions and our regular parent workshops