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Collective Worship Themes

Collective Worship takes place daily. These are of a Christian nature and consist of a song (or songs), a story or something to think about, a time to reflect and an opportunity to listen to or take part in saying a prayer. Parents have the right to withdraw their child from all or part of the religious education and Collective Worship provided, should they choose. Any parent considering this option should discuss the matter with the Head Teacher in order that alternative provision can be made.


The school celebrates all the major Christian Festivals and all years lead Collective Worship during the school year.


A member of the local clergy visits regularly to lead Collective Worship and conducts a service at Holy Trinity Church, Potten End, half termly which all of our parents and carers are very welcome to attend.



Collective Worship Themes for 2022-2023



  • Thanking God for people who help us
  • Knowing our friends will support us
  • Praising God in creation
  • Knowing Jesus is with us in stormy times
  • Remembering to say thank you
  • Standing on God's promises
  • Giving thanks even when times are difficult
  • Being trustworthy; not gossiping
  • Counting your blessings
  • Trusting God
  • Living fruitful lives
  • Believing God has a plan for our lives



  • Running the race of life
  • Treating people fairly
  • Keeping going against all odds
  • Making wise decisions
  • Doing the right thing
  • Seeing God's love in action
  • Meeting a personal challenge
  • Seeing the whole picture
  • Encouraging others to keep going
  • Keeping God's rules
  • Pushing through
  • Goodness is stronger than evil




  • Using our talents to serve
  • Telling the whole story
  • Receiving as well as giving
  • Living without lies
  • Giving with no strings attached
  • Making the right choices
  • Looking at the heart
  • Searching for the truth
  • Living for others
  • Having the courage to be honest
  • Pentecost: The birthday of the Church
  • Seeing the truth