Potten EndChurch of England Primary School

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Collective Worship Themes

Collective Worship Themes for 2022-2023



  • Thanking God for people who help us
  • Knowing our friends will support us
  • Praising God in creation
  • Knowing Jesus is with us in stormy times
  • Remembering to say thank you
  • Standing on God's promises
  • Giving thanks even when times are difficult
  • Being trustworthy; not gossiping
  • Counting your blessings
  • Trusting God
  • Living fruitful lives
  • Believing God has a plan for our lives



  • Running the race of life
  • Treating people fairly
  • Keeping going against all odds
  • Making wise decisions
  • Doing the right thing
  • Seeing God's love in action
  • Meeting a personal challenge
  • Seeing the whole picture
  • Encouraging others to keep going
  • Keeping God's rules
  • Pushing through
  • Goodness is stronger than evil




  • Using our talents to serve
  • Telling the whole story
  • Receiving as well as giving
  • Living without lies
  • Giving with no strings attached
  • Making the right choices
  • Looking at the heart
  • Searching for the truth
  • Living for others
  • Having the courage to be honest
  • Pentecost: The birthday of the Church
  • Seeing the truth