Potten EndChurch of England Primary School

Rooted in faith, we nurture, grow and flourish

Parable of the Mustard Seed Mark 4:30-32

Spiritual Leaders

There are ten children from Years 2-6 who make up a group of Spiritual Leaders at Potten End. They meet regularly to think and talk about ideas which might help our spiritual wellbeing at school. Recently this has included beginning to plan an outside spiritual/reflective area for everyone to use and writing a new school prayer. The group will also be taking part in Collective Worship times and leading these on occasions as well as helping with special celebrations such as Remembrance Day, Harvest and Christmas.

The children are very enthusiastic and have plenty of great ideas on how we can develop the spiritual side of life at Potten End.

School Prayer

Last year Potten End School's Spiritual Leaders did a fantastic job of writing a new school prayer. This will be used as a regular part of our whole school Collective Worship times as well as in the individual classrooms. They worked incredibly well together on this project and have woven our core values and motto into it beautifully.

Well done Spiritual Leaders, and thank you.