Potten EndChurch of England Primary School

Rooted in faith, we nurture, grow and flourish

Parable of the Mustard Seed Mark 4:30-32


At Potten End CE Primary School, we are committed to creating a positive, safe and nurturing environment where all members of the school and wider community will be respected, valued and listened to.  Within God’s love we will support and encourage one another to be nurtured, grow and flourish and be the best we can be.


We believe that it is vital for all our pupils to learn from and learn about religion so that they can understand the world around them.  As a Church of England school we focus predominantly on Christianity, but we teach all the major world religions as well as non-faith world views.  Our teaching focusses on encouraging each child to become informed and inquisitive about their own religious beliefs, practices and lifestyles and those of others. We believe it is crucial that children develop religious literacy by being able to communicate their own ideas and talk about their own experiences and therefore make informed choices about their own beliefs. The children are supported to ask and explore challenging and debating questions of meaning and purpose about the world and understand that faiths may have different responses to these questions. Over time we hope that children will grow as citizens of a religiously and culturally diverse society, aware of similarities and respectful of differences.