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House System

From Reception to Year 6 every child is part of a school house team. We often use the house teams when grouping children for different activities and for sporting competitions.


Role and Expectations of House Captains

The role of House Captain is one of privilege, pride and responsibility. They are more than just a title and badge and require dedication and commitment for an entire year. The children take part in active citizenship, whereby they lead a series of events throughout the school. 


House Captains are elected by the children in their house after giving a speech about what they can offer their house. All children in Years R-6 vote for their House Captains. There is a boy and girl House Captain.

Autumn 1 House Day- Skip2BFit- 15th October 2021

Friday 15th October was the first House Event of this academic year. Children competed in their houses to achieve the 'highest score' and the 'best effort' whilst taking part in our active Skip2BFit program. Our new 2021-2022 House Captains and Sports Captains organised and ran the event and we were really proud of the caring and supportive nature that was shown whilst they encouraged a growth mindset in all of the children. Well done to all!



This morning we collected the children from each house to have an amazing experience in our Skip2BFit competition. Today we skipped with growth mindset and resilience- we all worked together to provide the best experience possible and we are so proud of them all. Lottie and Ben, Charlie



This morning all of the children from each house went on to the playground to Skip2BFit for our first house event this academic year. Before we started, we warmed up our teams and encouraged them with games like 'Simon Says' and stretches. They all did really well and we are really proud to lead the houses! Sebastian



We are really proud of all of all the children who participated in this event and who showed resilience and a growth mindset towards their skipping. Well done everyone! Harry, Eve, Millie



We supported each of the classes in small groups and did fun warm ups before encouraging them whilst they skipped with music to accompany them. They were fantastic and we are so proud to lead all of the Houses at Potten End. Maisie


Special mentions for growth mindset and best effort: 

Ritchie Y1

Poppie, Tilly, Frankie, Oscar Y3

Bo Y5

Ralph Y2

Ray Y4

Jamie, Laurence, Jay Y6


Well done all- what a great morning we all had together! 

House Captains 2020-21

Ashridge: Charlotte and Noah

Hi, we’re the new House Captains for Ashridge.  As House Captains we would like you to earn as many house points as you can by always following the school rules – be ready, be kind and be safe.  Always help your teachers.  We are very kind and will encourage you all the time, we will always be here for you when you need us.

In a few months we (your House Captains for Ashridge) will be holding the Winner’s Cup for Sports Day.  Thanks for voting for us, we really appreciate it.


Frithsden: Sonny and Maisy

Hello, we are Frithsden’s new House Captains.  As House Captains we would like you to follow the school rules – be ready, be safe, be kind.  By doing these things you will get plenty of house points and we will get extra breaks!


Gaddesden: Josh and Lola

Hello, we are here to represent Gaddesden House as your House Captains.  Our goal is to earn as many house points as possible so we should always follow the 3 B’s – be ready, be safe and be kind.  We need to be compassionate towards each other and to the adults. We would like to see good sportsmanship when playing sports and everyone being friendly.  Make sure to have fun when learning, keep a growth mindset on your work and try your best.


Nettleden: Matti and Samuel

We would like to introduce ourselves - Matti and Samuel, the new Nettleden House Captains.  We would like you to work hard to get as many house points as you can.  Thank you for voting for us and we are delighted to be representing Nettleden House.  Have fun, stick to the rules, be safe, be ready and be kind. 

Ashridge House Captains

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Frithsden House Captains

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Gaddesden House Captains

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Nettleden House Captains

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'VIRTUAL' House Day 2020

Friday 1st May was our 1st Potten End 'virtual' House Day. Children, families and staff from across our school community took on a number of challenges from home to earn house points for their team. 

'It was an amazing way for our school community to come together.'

'The children have loved being part of a challenge and it almost felt as though they were back in school again- thank you.'



Read more about our House Day in the following article on the Diocese of St Albans Schools page: 

Virtual House Day 2020 introduction

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House points for Autumn 1

House Points
Nettleden 487 
Gaddesden 460
Ashridge 411
Frithsden 380


Virtual House Day 2020 OVERALL RESULTS:





5, 392

5, 304

4, 562

4, 246

In total, as a whole school combined effort, we built a tower which would stand at 230.68m! We travelled 601.01 km and we completed 18, 673 star jumps!

Reception built the tallest tower! (36.89 m)

Year 5 travelled the furthest distance (110.57 km) and Year 6 were a close 2nd (105.91 km)

Year 2 completed the highest number of star jumps! (3099)

                               Potten End, you are ALL amazing!!