Potten EndChurch of England Primary School

Growing, Laughing, Learning, Succeeding together through faith


Collective Worship takes place daily and follows the Collective Worship plans as laid out by the Diocese. These are of a Christian nature and consist of a song (or songs), a story or something to think about, a time to reflect and an opportunity to listen to or take part in saying a prayer. Parents have the right to withdraw their child from all or part of the religious education and Collective Worship provided, should they choose. Any parent considering this option should discuss the matter with the Head Teacher in order that alternative provision can be made.


The school celebrates all the major Christian Festivals and all years lead Collective Worship during the school year.


A member of the local clergy visits regularly to lead Collective Worship and conducts a service at Holy Trinity Church, Potten End on the first Monday of each month (Years 3-6) and the first Tuesday of each month (Years R-2) which all of our parents and carers are very welcome to attend.