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Physical Education Sports Premium Statement 2016-17


The purpose of the grant is to ‘fund improvements to the provision of physical education (PE) and sport, for the benefit of primary-aged pupils’.


In the year 2016-17 Potten End C of E Primary School was awarded a grant of £8845. Priorities for the development of sport and physical education in school were identified and then funding was allocated accordingly.


Priorities identified for 2016-2017:

  • Continued skills development for upper KS2 pupils (move from first school status to primary and first Year 6 class)
  • Access to large outdoor space for track, field and game events (due to reduction of physical space at school owing to building work)
  • Developing the outdoor space for activities in lessons and at playtimes (playground markings for games/sports pitches etc.)
  • Use a proportion of the funding on transportation to allow pupils to take part in events that they would not be able to otherwise.
  • Purchase sporting equipment to develop the range of activities that are on offer within the school.
  • Focus on coaching opportunities to raise the profile and skills within inter-schools competitions
  • Long term development of staff to increase confidence in delivering quality PE sessions
  • Energisers (dances to music)  to take place every day, that will motivate pupils, raise energy levels, improve cardiovascular fitness.


This money is budgeted to be spent in the following ways:

  • Specialist PE coaching (in lessons and also offering free extra curricular clubs) £3940
  • Membership costs for DSSN (Dacorum School Sports Network) £880
  • Sporting equipment and team kits £900
  • Payment for lease of Village playing fields for sporting activities (taking place during the school day and extra-curricular) £100
  • Transport to sporting events £120
  • Playground markings (sports pitches and activities for break and lunch times) £2590
  • Additional staffing costs for supervision at sports field/sporting events £200
  • Total predicted spend £8730


Benefits to pupils:

  • Access to specialist teaching in order to develop their sporting ability
  • Additional equipment to support sessions taking place both within the school day and extra-curricular clubs
  • Increased opportunities to enter and access inter-school events
  • Free clubs offered across year groups to encourage participation in before/after school activities
  • Specialist coaching used to develop specialist skills (both for adults and children)
  • Healthier lifestyles (more activities at playtime etc.)
  • Happier children with more highly developed confidence
  • Improved cardiovascular fitness
  • Develop a love of sport and improve emotional resilience.