School and Parent Partnership

Reporting on Children’s Progress

Teachers provide a written report on each child’s progress every term. In the autumn and spring terms these are followed by parent/teacher consultations. We expect to meet with at least one parent of every child at these times. In Class 1 and all older classes, we also expect children to attend the consultation. In the summer term, the report is followed by a whole school open evening. Parents and children are welcome to visit all parts of the school to see examples of the work that has been taking place during the year. Following this, if either the teacher or a parent would like an individual consultation time, this can be arranged.

Parental Involvement

Learning begins at birth and every parent will have played the central role in his or her child’s education from this moment onwards. This role continues when the child starts school. At Potten End School, we try to form a close relationship with both children and their parents, so that their education can continue as fully and smoothly as possible.

We encourage all parents to become involved in the life of the school. A child who sees his or her parent actively involved and positively supporting the school will make better progress than one who feels that home and school are not in harmony. At Potten End School we are fortunate to have strongly supportive parents and you are always welcome here as a member of this community.

We are very pleased to receive offers of help from parents. Currently parents are involved with many aspects of everyday school life such as cooking, hearing children read, reading to children, assisting with art and technology work, taking groups for science and practical mathematics, and overseeing computer work. Many parents offer help on an occasional basis, for example at Sports Day or on a class visit. Parents who would like to offer help should contact the school secretary or their child’s class teacher in the first instance.

Members of staff are pleased to see parents informally, about any issue regarding their child’s education. Unless it is an urgent one, the best time for this is at the end of the school day. If the discussion may be a lengthy one, parents should seek to make an appointment. This should be done directly with the class teacher. Should a parent want an appointment with the Head Teacher, this can be arranged by telephoning or calling into the school office.

Home School Agreement & Safe Internet Use

Please click here to read a copy of the Home/School Partnership Agreement. Please click here to read a copy of  Responsible Internet Use document.


Parent and Pupil Questionnaire

To view the results of the Parent and Pupil Questionnaire 2014, please click here.


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