River Study at Box Moor Trust 2016

by school on 06/06/2016

On 10 May 2016 Year 5 went on a trip to investigate the River Bulbourne.  Led by the Box Moor Trust, the children looked at two aspects of the river.  Firstly, the children carried out measurements to find the profile of the river.  With this information the children then discussed the history of the river and the water cycle.  The children learnt that the River Bulbourne is a very significant river because its source is from a spring from chalk (‘bourne’).  There are less than 300 rivers in the world whose source is from a chalk spring and over 150 of these are based in the UK.

Secondly the children carried out some science investigations around the cleanliness of the river – they recorded and calculated the average temperature, pH and nitrate content.  They found that the river was only slightly polluted and this was verified when they carried out river dipping recording the creatures that they found.

The children had a fun day with lots of learning.




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