Year 4 Archive 2013/14

“Welcome to Year 4”  

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See some pictures of us learning

Fun Run 2013

Years 3 and 4 took part in the 600 metre Fun Run. Schools throughout Dacorum took part in this ‘Virtual Great Run’.  The winning girl and boy in each class received a special certificate.  All other participants received a certificate for taking part.

The fastest boy and girl in Year 4 were Daniel and Katie,  BUT  HUGE CONGRATULATIONS  to everyone for taking part!

Here are a few photographs of the children, there are more on display in the school library!

Mrs Batchelder

Year 4 fun run 032 Year 4 fun run 031 Year 4 fun run 021 Year 4 fun run 018 Year 4 fun run 012 Year 4 fun run 003

Year 4 Textile Project

Year 4 have designed their own pencil cases which they are making using felt. They have decorated them using coloured embroidery threads and different stitches. First they learned the stitches and practised them on binca. Then they transferred their designs onto their felt. So far our sewing sessions have been going smoothly with only a few knots, tangles and needle threading problems! Look out for our finished products later on this term.SAM_1240 SAM_1208 SAM_1209 SAM_1215 SAM_1218

Circuit Training

In PE we have been doing circuit training to improve our fitness and stamina. We set out 10 activities that focused on different skills, working different muscles. We worked in pairs and each had one minute per activity while our partner counted for us. When we tried the events the second week, we made a real effort to improve on our previous scores. Our partners really encouraged us and lots of us were successful at beating our scores. Even though it was tough and our bodies were aching we really enjoyed the challenge.SAM_1383 SAM_1359 SAM_1368 SAM_1370 SAM_1373 SAM_1377

Maths Workshops Nov/Dec 2013 – to help parents support their child at home.  See letter for details and to reserve your place.

Year 4 Subject Topics for Autumn Term 2013

The below table gives a brief overview of the topics we will be covering between now and Christmas. Some will be taught before half term and the others after half term.

Science Digestion and teeth
Electrical Circuits
ICT PowerPoint presentations
History The Ancient Egyptians
Geography Egypt Maps skills
The Water Cycle
RE Beliefs about God – Christianity and Hinduism
Art The Ancient Egyptians – main project – to create an Egyptian death mask using modroc
Design and Technology Lights –we will use our electrical circuits skills to make torches or desk lamps
PE Gym Dance
Music Recorder
Orchestra instruments
Music from other cultures

In addition they children begin every day with a morning challenge. These cover all curriculum areas to review and revise learning, learn new general knowledge facts and also to kick start the children’s imaginations.


We will cover basic skills and also look at different text types. The children we all have a personal target that they will aim to achieve 5 times before we set a new one together in order to move their learning forward. In addition we will do daily spelling work with spelling partners as well as trying to apply our spellings to our work. All children will be put into a guided reading group and will be heard by an adult one per week. For the majority of children the aim of these sessions is to further the children’s comprehension skills as opposed to hearing them read out loud. They will be asked questions to unpick their understanding of texts including looking at authorial intent and text structures. We will have at least one specific handwriting session per week to help the children to form their letters correctly, consistently and clearly as well as to join their handwriting using a cursive script.


Between now and Christmas we will cover 5 units of work which address all aspects of the maths curriculum from calculation to data handling. The children will do daily mental maths challenges and will be taught ways to make maths less threatening. If you would like to learn more about the methods we are using then look out for the maths workshops for parents that will be happening again this year later in the term. Each child will have a times table bookmark .They will be tested regularly and they can choose which times table they wish to answer questions on. Mrs Norman and I will expect them to know their tables out of order and for them to recall the answers within 5 seconds. If they are successful they will be awarded a sticker. When they are next tested they will have to answer a couple of questions on any previous stickered times tables before they can try their next one. This encourages them to learn and retain their times tables as opposed to just learning them for a test.

If you have any questions or would like any extra information then please feel free to come and see me.

Here’s to a busy and learning filled term

Kind regards

Nicky Stroud


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