Report of trip to Celtic Harmony – Monday 29 April

by school on May 3, 2019

Year 3 had a fantastic trip to Celtic Harmony on Monday this week. We had our very own stone age guide who renamed our class “The Wolf Tribe!”. He taught us how to make shelters out of sticks and brush wood and we were all very impressed when he showed us how to make fire. We helped him create a soup out of dock leaves, rosemary, sage, mint and water, but we were quite glad when he didn’t ask us to share it with him as it looked rather watery and green! Weyland taught us all about the different tools and weapons that they could make in the stone age by flint knapping, he even made a hand axe to show us how it was done. We found that we were not very good at gathering food as many of the mushrooms we found were actually poisonous (thankfully they were only pretend mushrooms) but we were excellent hunters and managed to kill our very own mammoth. All in all a marvellous day with lots of learning experiences.


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