Collective Worship – Year 6 – Respect

by school on November 19, 2016

On 17 November, Year 6 led the school in Collective Worship outlining their own ideas on the theme of Respect.

We spent a number of Circle Time sessions discussing our differences, and why they should be celebrated, but also why people are often scared to be different.

We based some of our ideas on a book by Todd Parr called “The Okay Book” which we loved and created our own “OK statements” to share with the school. These are now located around the school corridors as a constant reminder to people that it’s OK to be different.

Other ideas that we included were a respect recipe, acrostic ideas linked to respect and a number of prayers that people in the class had written themselves.

Some brave members of the class even shared their own personal stories of being different with the whole school including many things that they had never shared outside of their families before. They did this in order to help other members of the school realise that there is a lot you don’t know about people, so it is better to be kind and caring to everyone as you don’t know what personal struggles they have had or are still facing.

One of our key messages was: “Try to be a better person tomorrow than you were today.” This is an idea that Lydia shared with us and we thought was really important as by respecting yourself and making the right choices in turn helps us to be respectful of others.

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